Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Farewell My Friend by Roger McGuinn

My last night playing with Tom. June 2016 NYC
Before there were books, music recorded our history.

Tom Petty was a historian.

He didn't just write songs. He wrote about the stories, people, and cultures of our times and then he put it all to music.

When he wrote a song, he flew up to the great wide open, caught an idea and would come free falling back to earth. Then he did it again. I know, I had the privilege of writing with him once.

His songs are movies for our imaginations and longer than 4 words. His every verse a diamond and every chorus gold.

His music will always be with me and all of us.

The guitar strap I'm wearing is the one Tom gave me. He wore it in the "Free Fallin'" video.

Rehearsal Backstage NYC June 2016